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Love Your Eyes :D

So for pretty much my whole life, I’ve hated my eyes. They’re just so small. All the time, kids at school would pull their eyes back and say “Hey look I’m Chinese!” and everyone would laugh. I hated it and I despised my eyes. I wanted them to be bigger and “normal”.

My whole family has big, bubbly eyes. My dad, mom, and sister. I’m the only one with what we Chinese call “Dragon Eyes”. I thought it was so unfair.

But, within the last few months, I have grown to absolutely love my eyes. I think they’re very unusual and interesting. Most people may love blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, but I like my dark, almost black, brown eyes. And I think being a monolid looks cool. They’re fierce.

This is directed towards everyone, but mostly the Asian monolidders that have probably hated their eyes for a long time: Even though you may not think your eyes are special or beautiful, I think they are :).

'Nuff said.

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